Application Process 

To apply for an ALGO grant you will need to complete all the fields below providing detailed information about your project in accordance with the guidelines we provide. 

We focus on the following aspects:

1. Quality and Completeness of the application - the more detail the better. 

2. Structure and Feasibility: Is there a clear execution plan, detailed information about deliverables and milestones, and a reasonable development timeline, and does the applicant or team have what it takes to deliver.

3. Strategy and Innovation: Will the project bring value and benefits to the Algorand ecosystem; does it deliver something unique that will attract new users or is a proven success on other chains. Will your project make a considerable improvement to our existing knowledge or infrastructure. 

4. Bonus Points: Projects have a higher chance of approval if they can deliver on metrics e.g. TVL locked, # of transactions etc. We also love technical details so highlight your roadmaps and on-chain functionality. 


Week 1 - 3: Internal Review of Project Proposal 

Week 3: Decision to Accept / Decline Shared 

Week 4: Legal Review

Week 5: Formal Contract Signed 

Week 6: Initial Payment 

This is a tentative project timeline and may be subject to delays as a result of high volume of applications or clarifications to the proposal etc. 

Criteria For Approval

Prior to applying, we strongly advise you to read the Terms and Conditions of the Grants Program. Please note the maximum limit for grant applications is a total equivalent of US$300k in ALGO equivalent. We recommend that the Grant amount requested is appropriate to the level of complexity and effort that you intend to deliver.  

Please bear in mind that the more detail you provide the better your chances are of getting funded. It is worth framing your proposal in terms of the benefit and value you will bring to our ecosystem. We look at your proposed milestones and deliverables as evaluation and award criteria so these should be as detailed as possible. 

During the evaluation process, a reviewer may reach out to you for clarification or in person discussion to discuss specific details such as timelines, deliverables, milestones or technical aspect of the application under review. 

Important: Decisions may include full funding, partial funding (possibly with a reduction in the proposal scope), or no funding. All decisions regarding grants, distribution dates and eligibility/qualification for grants are at the Algorand Foundation's sole and absolute discretion.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.